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You should call me

Sophisticated Lemons is a Romanian alternative indie band from 2008 but not that very active at least in the past year on Facebook or YouTube.
So enjoy their new single and video, I think this is their first real video and not just a simple animation.
Hopefully they are back and full of energy and will lunch soon a new material.

I was listening them in the past too and this was my favorite song:

The Amsterdams Eternity for Dummies

Why would you kill somebody’s time?

The Amsterdams are a Romanian indie/electro band formed in Bucharest, 2005.
On the 12th of April 2016 the band released their 4th full length studio record, called „Eternity for Dummies” and now they released a video for the “Girl You’re Frightened
“the 6nd song from the album.
This video contains images from the movie Illegitimate, one of the most instigating Romanian movie in recent years.

The Amsterdams – Girl, You’re Frightened (Ilegitim O.S.T.)

Hidden from the Sun

Spencer is a Swiss indie rock band formed in 1999, so they are by no means new to the scene.
They released three albums in this period and they are working on their fourth : “We Built This Mountain Just To See The Sunrise”
Hidden From The Sun is the new single from this new album.

You’re my lullaby

A indie retro rock band from Bucharest/Romania established in early 2011 but they slightly faded away.
Oh well hope they get back on the horse with another song soon.
The Speakers – Lullaby