baby elvis - debut album white Elephant

First album from Baby Elvis White Elephant is full of music

Finally is here the big “White Elephant” the debut album from Baby Elvis. For such a young baby born, just one year, they move very well. Even if they are not as big as the King Elvis they know how to play that guitar and made a solid album with 12 songs full of energy, an album that was worth the wait.

The name of the album “White Elephant” is quite interesting; It is an expression that refers to an unwanted possession that would be difficult to dispose of. The term derives from a Siam (Thailand) story. Whenever the king of Siam wished to to mock and ruin an offending courtier, he would give him a white elephant, which the courtier then had to maintain at great expense.
So be careful, this album may be be hard to dispose of ,once you get it!

They have a new website with all the links where you can get the new album in your favorite format.

BABY ELVIS – I Don’t Mind

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