Month: December 2015

It’s only 4 degrees, it’s only 4 degrees

ANOHNI aka Antony Hegarty a english singer, composer, and visual artist will soon release a new album “Hopelessness” described as an “electronic record with teeth”.

The name’s Claus, Santa Claus!

Some special Christmas songs


Doctor, please, give me a dose of the American Dream

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are a alternative / indie hip hop duo from the States. The latest song from them is a funk-flavored tirade against the ravages of addiction, with a particularly scathing indictment against overprescription of medication.
“Doctor please give me a dose of the American dream,” Bridges implores. “Put down the pen and look in my eyes. We’re in the waiting room and something ain’t right.”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Kevin

Step out into the sun

Oh Wonder is a London-based pop indie duo. From September 2014, they set out to write, record, and release one song a month for a year and all of the songs were released together as a self-titled debut album on September 4, 2015, interesting experiment.

Oh Wonder – Without You

Give me the time but not an age Give me the way it could have been

Onea of the indie rock bands of the year 2015 “Foals”. English indie rock band from Oxford.
FOALS – Give It All

Rich, soul samples, thundering beats, and larger-than-life melodies

Miike Snow released the first new song after three years and it looks like a big comeback. Miike Snow is a Swedish indie pop band formed in 2007 and had 2 album until now Miike Snow (2009), Happy to You (2012) and now they are preparing for the third full-length album, III due out in 2016 with the new single “Heart Is Full”.
A good description about the song :
“It’s a big, bold metropolitan pop track bolstered by a walloping boom-bap drum loop, blaring soul samples, Auto-Tuned crooning, and one of those humongous pop-rock choruses Swedish studio pros tend to specialize in. The resulting single sounds like Akon, Peter Bjorn And John, and DJ Premier ended up in a room together and actually figured out how to make their competing aesthetics fit together; it’s chaotic, but beautifully so.”

Miike Snow – Heart is Full

You gotta make it through Another day

The Arc is a fresh new garage band that released there debut album in september 2015. You will find something familiar to this band and this is because is a a a side-project by Dan Auerbach guitarist and vocalist of The Black Keys among with other friends.
It sounds really nice with foggy, psychedelic vibes
The Arcs – Put A Flower in Your Pocket

The Arcs – Outta My Mind

From the mess to the masses I present “Phoenix”

Not many knows Phoenix and it’s a shame because they are one of the oldest (1999) alternative, indie rock band.
They are from Versailles, France, they have 5 albums and this are my top 3 songs from Phoenix: