Month: November 2015

A reference for underground music lovers

La blogotheque or the “Take Away Shows” started for quite some time ago making intimate live music sessions with big or “underground” artists in normal pubs, cafe’s, churches.. Is a web-based project recording field work music videos of indie rock related musicians as well as some notable mainstream artists like Tom Jones, R.E.M., or Arcade Fire.
Here are some of my favorites videos but if you want to see more or to find new artist you can take a look here La blogotheque

Let it wash over you like a wave

Indie pop from Australia singing about how the snow is melting.

I hope you make it alright

Caught A Ghost is an indie electro soul band based in California.The band is project of singer, songwriter and producer Jesse Nolan featuring additional vocals from actress Tessa Thompson and kindergarten classmate Stephen Edelstein on drums. Their debut album, Human Nature, was released 1 April 2014.

Dig up a riot if we wanna fly free !

MØ is the stage name for Karen Marie Ørsted Danish singer born in 1988. The “Kamikaze” song is the first single from the second studio album.

“Take me to the party / Kami-Kamikaze”
While MØ doesn’t seek literal death, she channels kamikaze’s danger as she goes out partying.

You’re my lullaby

A indie retro rock band from Bucharest/Romania established in early 2011 but they slightly faded away.
Oh well hope they get back on the horse with another song soon.
The Speakers – Lullaby