Timpul să fie de gheață


O dată la câteva luni mai apare câte o piesă românească care arată că alternativul românesc încă trăiește.
Cea mai nouă dintre ele este single-ul lui Jurjak “Un minut”.

George Petroșel cu numele de scena Jurjak este un “compozitor, regizor, absolvent al Universității Hyperion, Facultatea de Arte, specializarea regie de film si televiziune, absolvent al Facultății de Drept Nicolae Titulescu, el este licențiat in dreptul proprietății intelectuale.”

Jurjak – Un minut
Regie & montaj: Jurjak


O viață un an o lună
O viață o zi o oră o săptamană
O viață o secundă un minut și te-am pierdut
Oare cât durează însă o viață?
Unde timpul e de gheață
Aș vrea să o luăm acum de la început

O viață un an o lună
O viață o zi o oră strange-mă de mână
O viață o sutime miimi mie dor de tine
Oare cât durează insa o viață
Unde timpul e de gheață
mmmmm mmm mmmm mmmmm
Aș vrea să o luăm acum de la inceput
O viață o lună o saptamană
o viață o sutime .. mie dor de tine

The Mono Jacks

The new single from Mono Jacks is here and is warm like this summer:

Hidden from the Sun

Spencer is a Swiss indie rock band formed in 1999, so they are by no means new to the scene.
They released three albums in this period and they are working on their fourth : “We Built This Mountain Just To See The Sunrise”
Hidden From The Sun is the new single from this new album.

That’s right you’re right


The second single from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ studio album The Getaway the band’s 11th total and first since 2011’s I’m with You.
This is the song that carries the name of the album. Listen below:

Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Getaway

First album from Baby Elvis White Elephant is full of music

baby elvis - debut album white Elephant

Finally is here the big “White Elephant” the debut album from Baby Elvis. For such a young baby born, just one year, they move very well. Even if they are not as big as the King Elvis they know how to play that guitar and made a solid album with 12 songs full of energy, an album that was worth the wait.

The name of the album “White Elephant” is quite interesting; It is an expression that refers to an unwanted possession that would be difficult to dispose of. The term derives from a Siam (Thailand) story. Whenever the king of Siam wished to to mock and ruin an offending courtier, he would give him a white elephant, which the courtier then had to maintain at great expense.
So be careful, this album may be be hard to dispose of ,once you get it!

They have a new website with all the links where you can get the new album in your favorite format.

BABY ELVIS – I Don’t Mind

First single in more than four years

The track is the first single from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ June 17 studio album The Getaway the band’s 11th total and first since 2011’s I’m with You. More than four years from the last single.. but it didn’t disappointed me it sounds good and I can’t wait the new album

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dark Necessities

The magnetic zeros are back!

This video is shot entirely on an iPhone 6s in New Orleans and is the directorial debut of Vinyl actress Olivia Wilde.
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will release their fourth studio album, PersonA, in the spring.
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – No Love Like Yours

I’m only human can’t you see

Flume (by stage name) is an Australian electronic music producer by the name of Harley Edward Streten born in 1991 (age 24 now).
Flume teamed with Canadian singer Kai for the song “Never Be Like You” which reached number one in Australia in February 2016.
This is a cut from the new album Skin.
Flume – Never Be Like You feat. Kai

And I don’t want a never ending life I just want to be alive while I’m here

The Strumbellas are a indie rock band formed in 2008 in Torronto Canada and they won a the Indies Award – Folk Group of the Year in 2014.
They have 2 albums and the third album, Hope, is due to be released on April 2016. and the Spirits is the first single from this new album.

Basically the song is about fighting your inner demons. Trying to change and become a better person in life. I write songs to reflect where I’m at in life, and this song is me saying to the world that I’m doing my absolute best right now to be a good person

The Strumbellas – Spirits

It has some great lyrics like:
“But we’re all strange
And maybe we don’t wanna change”
Is about how people are stubborn. Even when it is in their best interest to change, they tend to keep their behaviors rather constant.


“And I don’t want a never ending life
I just want to be alive while I’m here”
We are all going to die eventually. He knows this. His improvement is not meant to change this, but to let him live his life to the fullest.

It’s only 4 degrees, it’s only 4 degrees

ANOHNI aka Antony Hegarty a english singer, composer, and visual artist will soon release a new album “Hopelessness” described as an “electronic record with teeth”.